Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Thank God Tony Mokbel has been caught in Greece last night living his life of luxury whilst my cousin lives her life behind bars. I'm hoping that this may mean she could be released soon. I know allot of people will have allot of different views of Renate, yes she was stupid for getting mixed up with that family but can you really help who you fall in love with?? Renate and Milad have been together for at least the past 25 years, she is only a year younger than me which means that she was a teenager when first got with Milad, how was she to know what would eventually happen. I remember when we were younger, she was and is still no different to me. Could you imagine when approached by your husband and brother in-law, to put your home up as surety, not knowing everything that they were involved in, imagine saying NO, would she have been the next to be a victim of the 'gangland killings'? We all know now that Tony has not conscience, why would he care if she wasn't around for her kids, he didn't care that she was in jail now away from her kids.
I can't even imagine what she will say to Tony or even Milad when she gets a chance, once released where will she go, what will she do? Her poor mother is stuggling with cancer and is trying to hold it together, how do you make something like this up to your family that have supported you, through thick and thin, whether your fault or not. I just hope that she can put it behind her and that this does not define her as a person. I hope that people learn to not judge until they know her. She is a good person with a good heart.

We, your family love you Renate and believe in you.

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FPie said...

I have known Renate since I was 7 - we are the same age now. Before people JUDGE her they should consider what they would have done in her position (be honest). Hypothetical is a wonderful thing.

I write to Renate sometimes and I will be there for her when she gets out. I miss her too.