Thursday, June 21, 2007

I made it through the night

So I made it through the night, I did cleaning and ironing, one of my most favorite things NOT. I heard Dazza walk in at 3am and made him get up at 8am to tell me all about it :O, I'm a terrible wife. He's now gone back to bed after 2 hours up, which is good cause I' hate for him to be tired tonight. He now tells me that, at the drop of a hat, he can be sent interstate. What the???? No one said that I wouldn't see him for days at a time. Its one thing to be gone all night but at least I end up in bed with him if only for a few passing hours but to me missing in action for days at a time, if not more, well that's another thing. I guess I will have to be kept warm by all that MONEY instead. Now that I think about it, its more like having free money without the hassle, I think I like this job more and more everyday.


Had some issues myself at work yesterday. Found that my 3 month secondment had been extended another 4 weeks, Not Happy Jan! You see at the end of the secondment, we were meant to 1) become permanent in the role or 2) go back to previous position. I had thought about it coming up the the 3 month mark and due to what was said to me by my manager and team manager, I thought everything was fine. After all I had been selected to go to the City location to do testing for them on the new Queensland project. It appears that my stats for sales aren't where they want them. However all along I had been told I was doing a great job, doing better that some who had been in the role for years, that they didn't want me to even think about returning to my previous job, not to worry about sales even though they would prefer that we make at least 2 per day (that's changing people form other retailers not up selling on current customers). They used the amount of sales I had made since being in the role against me but they don't pro rata??? I was on annual leave for 2 weeks in the secondment and I was at testing (for them) for a week, so out of the 3 months (keep in mind this month isn't even finished) I was away for at least 3 weeks. My first months stats where 55%, second month 27% and third month 10%, now if they had pro rata the stats I would have been over 50% for all of the months but no they don't do that? I only had to be over 50% to be made permanent.

I went into a meeting with both the Sales Manager and my Team Manager to let them know how I felt about this and we came to a decision that mine would be extended for 2 weeks and that I would have 2 weeks worth of training and support, this I might add was at my request as they will just be letting everyone else continue with what they are doing already (which isn't succeeding anyway). I couldn't believe that they hadn't thought through what they needed to do in this extra 4 weeks. If they want staff to improve, surely they have to provide extra coaching so that they make it through the next 4 weeks. They wanted me to know that it's OK because you will still get your 'pay increment' but I told them, that's not the point. I just don't like people moving the goal post when it is already in sight. I like to be the best that I can be but to have someone tell me I'm not good enough, which in reality this is what they are saying, I just won't take it lying down. They need to put more into coaching if they think not only the secondment staff aren't cutting but also the permanents that already there.

Well that's my whinge for today, lets see if I can be more cheerful later.

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