Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Darn car!

So today after rushing around, getting food prepared, animals done and all the other things we all do, I go out to jump in the car but with the push of the button, she decides, nope, sorry I preferred to be locked. I play a cat and mouse game with the dam thing but decide, well its just gunna have to stay at home and I'll catch a train to the city since I had to go there this week for some computer stuff for work. I then think, best check the time table for Vline (the beauty of living close but still far enough away from Melbourne city Vline trains, 20 minutes, no stops and your there) however Vline and Melbourne throw a spanner in the works as well! We are going a new train line so all trains replaced with coaches! I don't think so. So I will have to catch the bus to the other station and then catch a normal train to the city, oh should only take me an hour and a half. So much for me laughing at the guys at work who were going to drive in. I'm thinking, great I have an ipod, a book and then I have some exercise all within 30 minutes. NOT.


No sooner did I finish this post, but got a call from work to catch cab to work and then cab to city but I can't really afford to catch cabs around Melbourne. So hopefully I won't get my butt kicked when I get back to normal work on Monday. Its not like I planned this, I would actually prefer to be at work than sitting around waiting to catch a bus!

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