Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm through it unscathed

Whats with the calve cramps at night whilst trying to sleep????????

Its Sunday and all is quite ................ that is of course except for MY BARKING DOGS! I tell you, they just bark for the dam fun of it. I must admit they haven't been for a walk in a couple of days and this is probably part of the reason for the barking and that Demolition dog is starting to rip up any paper she can get hold of in the house and the reason why she ripped up a outside cushion during the week. Bad is me for not walking them. But time and weather constraints have been an issue, although we do need the rain. And for this reason I have told the husband we need a treadmill for that I can put the puppies on when its raining (not to mention I really want it for me;-})

Well as I previously stated I went to work yesterday for my 7.5 hrs and now I will have Wednesday off just for me and my dogs, oh and Dazza wants me to go somewhere for him to. Saturdays are good at work because its generally really quite, I think I probably took 25 calls all day, but it gives you time to do things that you want to do. I found that there are quite a few people at work who would either like to do Body for Life, 12 week Body Blitz or just improve their life some how. We all seemed to be sitting together as well. So I have shared everything I have, recipes, plans, exercise and the like and they will all be starting. I have shared my blog address and they are on their ways. Get ready for some newbies on the forum as well as messages on blogs I would say.

I went to Kmart last night for some t-shirts for Dazza to airbrush and saw an exercise bike marked down to $60, didn't read the sticker as to why but it has played on my mind this morning and want to go back and get it today. I just hope its still there or I'll have to buy a new one which I think was only $169 anyway. Just have to drag Dazza out of bed with a false claim to be getting something for him so that we can take the ute. Gee I'm sneaky, but its good. :-P


Kristy said...

Sue it's always nice when your healthy habits rub off on other people. I look forward to seeing new people on the blogs and forums.

I have always thought of getting an exercise bike for those cold wintery nights in front of the tv. Let me know if you decide to get it and how it goes, as I have also looked at the kmart bikes.

Debstar said...

Sue, If the calve cramps are happening often I would suggest you look into getting some magnesium or better still a calcium/magnesium combination.

ms_attitude said...

Sue, technically you ARE getting something for's the means to getting the new you! :-)