Thursday, June 28, 2007

What's a girl to do at 3.10am?

Well yes, I'm up again. Dazza called me at 12.29am to ask for a phone number! Can you believe it. The man who made me promise him that I would sleep the other night, rings me when I would obviously be in bed!!!! So checked that bank account as you do, and couldn't stop thinking about money, as I do. So I have decided to go after Dazza's ex employer for a few law breaches.

1) He doesn't allow employee's to be part of a union, its against their religion, bugger everyone else's religion. (what religion you may be asking, Exclusive Brethren, the crazies always in the news)

2) Doesn't do WorkCover? WTF? He thinks that its the employee's responsiblity to keep safe at work and put up with the concequences. Have since found that this is called 'fraud' with WorkCover.

So I have typed a letter, will get Dazza to sign when he arrives home and their gunna get it in the kisser.

All I am demanding is what is rightfully Dazza's (mine), his unpaid annual leave and the 2 days he worked that they never paid him for. Not much, even giving them until next Tuesday to make the payment, what more could they ask for???

I'll keep you informed of what happens.


Debstar said...

Well? Has he still got a job??

Sue said...

Deb, he has a job at another place, hence me bing up at some unGodly hour due to him working night shift. I have sent the letter to his old employer so will wait to see the outcome of that letter. I'll keep you posted.