Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I've been naughty :-(

I have a confession to make.................. actually I could confess a few fopars but in general its take away. Since Friday night (which is the last time I was good) Dazza had pizza and I made the trip to Safeway to pick me a up a Weight Watchers pizza, then came Saturday, not much in the food thing, lunch was roasted veggie focaccia, dinner noodle box, of which I only ate about a quarter but had eaten along with Dazza a bag of prawn crackers! Sunday, didn't eat much until dinner, which became tomato based fettucini and garlic & cheese focaccia :-( and of course since Monday was a holiday (no work = no structure) and we cleaned the garage, didn't eat much again, accept for coffee, so dinner was fish and chips......................... I can't believe I ate SO much take away. For someone who is worried about spending money, I spent way too much this weekend. 2 trips to Mitre 10 Mega and goodbye to $200 + all that take away makes me a broke little girl.

I did no exercise this whole week end, dogs missed out except for some frisbee in the yard. I've been giving them 'human' food again which I know is bad for them and especially for 'catdog' as she is prone to obesity just like mum. She did however get on the table and start eating my Vita-Weats. I know this as they were on the floor when we got home from Noodle Box. I think she fell off the table because she couldn't jump for the night as she must have hurt her leg or back when falling but she was ok by morning when I thought I might have had to take her to the vet.

So getting back to me, since I've been bad, I weighed myself this morning!!!!!!!!!! I won't tell you what they said but I will have to do something good to make them go down by Friday and not up. So I had better get to it.


Debstar said...

You and me both Sue. I'm not even game to get on the scales at the moment.

Sue said...

I should get some exercise even if incidental since my car is playing up again........... why didn't I buy that darn new car????

Kek said...

Weekends can be like that....especially long ones. Get out of your normalroutine and it's like your brain goes "Oh, OK, no work - so we can eat anything we like and lie around like a slug"

Have a P.L.A.N. It's the only thing that saves me on weekends or holidays.

Debstar said...

Ooohh That's how it's done Kek. I'll have to remember that! Have a plan...write it down...put it on the fridge.
Got it!