Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday 12th June

Today started off good and turned a bit crappy but I was able to turn it around thank goodness. Food wasn't too bad until tonight but this is what I have eaten today.
M1: coffee, then banana smoothy (but put in walnuts that make it taste yuk)
M2: 1 1/2 slices of multigrain bread with large bowl of home made spicy tomato soup
M3: 75gm packet of pretzels
M4: small lamb kebab (told you it was good until tonight)
I think the trouble is that I get stuck on food, its not that I don't what to make or eat but I see carbs in the evening as a bad thing so I feel that when I eat even sweet potato or corn, that I have let myself down. Even though it is better than takeaway it still freaks me out. Take for example, whilst at the kebab shop I brought for tomorrow a chicken pide, which is carbs (bread) with chicken in it (off the spit and diced), I am confused if this is good food or bad, it has carbs, protein and fats but is it good?
I think I will have to do a supermarket safari with Kerryn.


Kek said...

Bread's not necessarily BAD, it's just that white bread has no real value and most people eat way too much of it. There are better choices than pide though....wholemeal pita, for example.

And I love lamb or chicken kebabs now and then - they have grilled meat, salad and you don't have to eat the WHOLE bread wrap thingie. Oh, and garlic sauce...yum!

Making good choices gets easier with practice. Meanwhile, repeat after me: licorice is NOT a food group....

Sue said...

What about giant chocolate bullets, surely they are a food group???

Kek said...

Well, of course. Those are one of the 5 food groups, along with wine, ice cream, chocolate and pizza.

Debstar said...

Stop it you pair, you both need a good slapping to snap out of it.

Food groups indeed.

Sue said...

Of course, Kerryn, burgers are good too, protein, carbs and FATS

and Yes mum to Debster, she started it!