Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Today is food day, great!

So as one of my colleagues is leaving the nest today, they have deemed it food day. I have looked at the list of what others are taking and it appears I will be starving! But I have decided to bring MY food for food day, don't know if everyone else will deem it good Food Day food but here it is.

Thought I would show a after photo of the fruit platter, I must say I was surprised that any of it was eaten at all.
I also dragged my sorry butt out of bed this morning, albeit late, and did some exercise. It doesn't seem to matter how early I go to bed I seem to find it difficult to get up early. This DVD is 'Walk & Kick' so you get some kick boxing in it, not a huge amount of kick boxing but enough to work up a sweat.


Kristy said...

Sue your food looks great. Fresh fruit salad is sure to be a hit...

Kek said...

I'd eat your food, Sue. I love fresh, juicy fruit!

ms_attitude said...

I would rather eat your food than all the cakes etc that they just love to serve up at office functions. Fortunately, a lot more people that I work with are also more keen on good food than junk!
Good steps for you Sue!

Debstar said...

I used to play mixed competition squash. When we played at home we had to bring food. I always took along a plate that looks like yours. I always went home with an empty plate.
I'd eat your food too. The strawberries be the first to go.