Monday, June 25, 2007

How will I make it through the day

Well its just after 6 am, I've been up about 20 minutes so far and boy am I tired. How can I tell? You know when it feels like you have eye lashes in your eyes cause they are sore? That's me this morning and the day hasn't even begun. I think I can even tell you the times that I woke last night, went to bed at 10.11pm, woke at 11.11pm, woke 12.30am, woke 2.01am, sent txt to Dazza at 3.10 am, he got in at 4am, my alarm went off at 5.30am. JOY

I think I will try a natural supplement to sleep at night, I did have a cup of Chamomile and Vanilla tea before bed thinking it would help, but no. Oh well, on with the sleep walking today.............

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Debstar said...

There's a herb you can get from the health food shop called Valerian that's supposed to be pretty good.
Hope that helps