Friday, June 22, 2007

**********HELP WANTED!**********


I need to do our family tree for the adoption but really don't know where to begin. As sad as it is, no one in mine or Dazza's family know much about their heritage. I plan on changing that from here on out.
The only problem is resources. I plan on going to the State Library today as I believe that they have a 'genealogy' room and it has allot on information in it. I just have to work out how/what/when, I guess its just like a big game.

Any idea's, hints or tips welcome :)


Kek said...

Sue, there are probably staff at the library who can point you in the right direction. There are some reslly useful websites too - i'll see if I can find some links for you.

Your local library should have microfisch records (probably online by now) of births, death and marriages - I tracked down some great-grandparents and some great-greats at the Eltham library some years ago.

You need a starting point though, so to state the obvious, begin with you and Dazza, then your respective parents. Ask the parents for birth dates of THEIR parents and grandparents, if they know them. You can easily find those records.

Then it gets trickier - how far do you want to go back? You need to gather as much info as possible, then start doing some detective work. It's fascinating - and can get expensive, with the cost of all the certificates.

Try this site for some basic info to start with:

Kek said...

Oh, you can get all sorts of interesting stuff, if you really get into it. I got a copy of my grandfather's army record, from WW1, frm the national archives.

He was a naughty boy....

Sue said...

Thanks Kerryn, I knew someone would know where to start, it really is interesting isn't it. I can now see where you get it fome if you grandfather was naughty, it following down in the genes I guess :O