Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dazza's first day at the new job

So Dazza got himself a new job this week, actually he got himself more than one but he started the one he has chosen tonight. He is now working nights instead of days as its better money wise. So this is also the first night that I will be spending alone. He starts at 6pm, through to 2am or longer depending on overtime. I asked, so does that mean I no longer cook dinner for you, just myself? Yes was the reply. I thinks this is good because when grocery shopping, I'll be shopping for 1 and also the dogs can be back on the bed until he gets home anyways. Well that all seemed fine until I get a call from him tonight to ask me to make him dinner and leave it in the microwave for him! What happened to my easy nights alone????? Not to mention, I am a big scaredy cat who hates being by myself at night time, especially as I only have my girly dogs and no touch mean big dog. Whats a girl to do............................. oh I know, I think we shall adopt a Rotti or a German Sheppard, I'll discuss this with the 'bread winner' when I actually see him, which should be, oh, on Saturday.


Kek said...

There are good and bad points to your husband working night shift.

The good: You get to watch whatever YOU want on TV without someone walking through the room asking "what's this crap?" every 5 minutes. You get to have what YOU want for dinner. Nobody farts and thinks it's hysterical.

The bad: It's lonely. You hardly see each other. Your social life takes a nosedive.

But the money is good....

Debstar said...

My hubby works away from home often. All the good stuff Kek mentioned - yeah I'll second that. I would add that hubby snores so when he goes away I have lovely quiet sleeptimes so I don't even miss him at night. He can work away as often as he likes just as long as HE KEEPS SENDING ME MONEY! he he

As for the dinners - keep a few Lean Cuisines in the freezer just in case.