Monday, October 11, 2010

Award - oh thanks

Polar's Mom nominated me for an award - thanks very much

As part of this award, I must nominate a few others (it won't be the full 15) and share seven things about myself:

So I here are the seven things...
1. We've been trying to have a baby since 1993 the same year we got married!
2. We have recently had a bloggy friend donate 10 frozen embryos to us in the US
3. I have family ties to the Melbourne underworld
4. I believe in 'the other side' and think John Edwards has the coolest job
5. I wish I could one day meet the dog whisper Ceasar Milan
6. I love the soap The Bold and The Beautiful
7. I am scared to death of the thought of dying

The nominees:
1 Debbi Does Dinner - for all the inspiration
2 Tammy - for keeping me entertained
Sorry for the lame 2 nominees but that's all I could come up with :(


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I'm not lame at all!!! Just kidding, I knew what you meant!

I so appreciate you thinking of me, I usually don't pass them along, just for the reason, I can't always think of people!

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

Please share the details of how you got a bloggy friend to donate embryos- what a HUGE blessing!!!!

Also, are you the one who I've emailed with about clinic's in the US only doing anonoymous donation after your post on Embryo Alive's yahoo group?

Feel free to email me privately at

Polar's Mom said...

I sooo wanted to go on John Edwards show!

And I wish there really was a true dog whisperer/psychic who could tell me what they are thinking!!!

Polar's Mom

Chelle said...

I didn't realize you had been trying for so long. :( I really hope and pray that the embryo donation works for you guys.

I often wonder how much Caesar charges. I also wonder if he is a greedy b@$t@rd with his fees. One would like to think not, but then again, he does live in a very expensive part of CA. Have you read his books?