Thursday, October 14, 2010

You know I started this on Thursday?

Oh My God! I can't believe its Sunday already.

I can't believe the days are getting away from me like this.

Although when you would long days and then stupidly except overtime on a Saturday, they will get away with you I guess.

Not much has happened here in my house however there seems to be stuff has happened around me.

During the week it was my nephews 21st birthday which we celebrated on Saturday night. Because mum's not up to the task yet of organizing anything, I had to finish work on Saturday and run around to pick up the cake, some shopping for her, order the pizza's, dye her hair (she's completely grey and after being so sick it was making her feel old), clean my own house, have to do the ironing today, go and pick up her new stove we placed on lay-by before she got sick, drop it to her house so that she can organize a gas fitter/electrician to fit it, make food for the week and get my general shit together for another week of 11.5 hour work days!

But the good things are, when I got home yesterday, 'the husband' had installed my new wall oven that has been sitting, taking up much space in my kitchen, love that man and my new fan forced oven. Will be cooking marinaded roast chicken tonight to check that baby out.

On Friday night we were advised at work that 'everyone' was changing desk's, not a easy feat for a large call center. I packed up 5 desks ready for the move on Monday, lucky I had overtime on the Saturday so I was able to set up a few things and save the favorites on my computer come Monday morning, it will make my life a little easier.

Also on a good note, I think for now anyway, we as a 'help line' are being moved under a new banner of Learning and Development officially on Monday so no more extra crap from the team leaders who get paid the big money to actually do the extra crap. This way we will be used for what it was intended, an extension of the training not a performance management tool to axe staff.

The shopping fortnightly has somewhat worked OK for me. I still have heaps in the cupboard and only had to go to the shops for mum yesterday were I had to buy oven cleaner (for the new oven) thought I had some already but didn't, shampoo for me and a box of light globes. Not bad really when you think about it, I spent maybe $350 last week, and nearly nothing this week, still don't know if I will have to shop next week big or not, might be able to last another week still after that.

Exercise, well besides from being non stop at home except to write this blog, I haven't done so much of the actual exercise like on the treadmill except for the treadmill of life which I can't wait to settle the hell back down.

Food wise, well that's been pretty good, especially when you consider that there is 'junk' food in the house that normally screams my name from the pantry and its still there after a week.

Made some more nice soup which mum has now got, so have to make a new batch for me for work this week, maybe even some minestrone soup to be made soon...........


Sassy Gal said...


Thank you for the well wishes. I have been trying to find your blog since you started following me. Now that you left a comment I was finally able to read about you. Good luck with the weight loss and the embryo adoption. I am excited to read more of your blog and follow your journey.


Chelle said...

You will have to let us know how the new stove works. I hope your chicken was tasty!

Why did you have to move desks? It sounds stupid to me that they made EVERYONE do it. What's the point in that?

I hope your parents are feeling better. Take care of yourself this week.

Kristy said...

Wow I don't know how you are doing it Sue. You sound crazy busy, but seem to be keeping on top of everything.

Our call centre change desks every few months, just to keep them on their toes I think and then we move their favourites and desktop shortcuts for them :)

I hope things settle down soon.


Java said...


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