Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its been boring

over here.

Not much going on. Lots of overtime. Worked 60 hours this week. Probably only work normal week this week of 40 hours, although may do some overtime on Tuesday/Wednesday and maybe Thursday, but not as much as last week.

Been getting home late, eating and going to bed, which doesn't make for a great diet success. The treadmill hasn't been tread-milling for a while. I haven't had much time to even read blogs let alone comment so I'm sorry.

There has been allot of sickness going around at my work and I have been lucky to have missed it. We have had a stomach bug as well as conjuntivitis, which is probably a result of us all moving desks the other week.

Scales haven't moved much although I probably haven't done much to help that. Gardening and flowers are looking beautiful, the weather is trying be become nicer, one day of 25 degrees and then raining like a (insert bad word). Today its trying to get to 20 degrees with some sun. Will have to do some weeding, maybe go to the gardening store, want to plant some veggies, since only weeds grow happily in the front yard in a corner of the raised garden bed, thinking I might just plant some in there, the sun obviously likes it there with a bit of water, maybe the cucumbers will too.

The baby thing is going really slow for me, waiting to save money and get my but to America. Sometimes it feels like we will never get there but I can't think like that I guess. But sometimes you just feel down, which is probably where I'm at, at the moment. Just need some Vitamin D, from the sun, to make my outlook a little better I guess. So for now I mush leave you, hopefully it will not be another week before we chat again.


Chelle said...

I'm glad you have managed to avoid getting sick so far. I hope you continue to do so this next week. I hope you are able to get some down time to just relax for a bit. Working so much is not an easy thing.

Enjoy getting vegetable seeds. That is always something fun to look forward to. :)

P.S. I was super behind on blogs too. I took a break this past week.

Kristy said...

60 hours is crazy hours Sue... No wonder you are feeling a little down.

I hope you get to have some time to yourself soon and a little relaxation. Your life has been so crazy recently.

Take care