Thursday, October 07, 2010

Quick catch up

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. Going back to work on Monday didn't slow my days down that's for sure but at least help structure my eating habits.

So what has happened since the last Sunday morning post.....

Lets see, went back to work 8.30 to 4.30, thought I had overtime that week, turns out there is none. Thinking this is a blessing in disguise because still running back and forth to mum and dad's place to help them. Turns out that its not, because 'the husband' also returns to work that day to find his boss is going broke so has reduced his hours to HALF. Shit!

Monday night I can't sleep, thinking must make monthly shopping list, buy a chest freezer and a pantry to store this monthly shopping, what do I need on this shopping list??? Dinner, I can't remember that far back?

Tuesday 'the husband' gives away a business opportunity he was keeping for himself to the boss to help keep him in business and 'the husband' and 'the nephew' in a job. The boss doesn't seem to be that interested in the business opportunity but by Wednesday he is on board. 'The husband' finds another business opportunity for the boss and things are starting to look up. Turns out there is now overtime for me at work as well, not as much as usual but still there's some and I grab it for the rest of the week. Go to mum's to do her grocery shopping after work before heading home and also grab her ironing. Dinner tonight is steak and since 'the husband' can't cook my veges, I make 'fake' potato and boil some veg.

Wednesday 'the husband' thinks that he may be back to full time hours by weeks end along with 'the nephew'. I get to do the overtime and then run to mum's after work to take back the ironing but stop at the supermarket on the way to try and get the things I couldn't for mum the day before. Dinner tonight is gnocchi and tomato based sauce I half create.

Now we are at Thursday, overtime tonight, dinner I have no idea, will look to the freezer for answers. But can anyone tell me, you know how you can buy fish in a box already crumbed, what sort of fish is this? I don't mind that fish and would be happy to buy the fish and crumb it myself, this way its still fresh fish.


Polar's Mom said...

Good question, I have no idea what kind of fish it is...something cheap like tilapia maybe?

Polar's Mom

Chelle said...

What a roller coaster of a week for you!

I'm glad that your husband might be back to full-time and pray that he is. I'm glad that you got the needed overtime, but sad that it comes at the expense of helping your folks.

You're an amazing woman Sue. You really are.