Saturday, October 30, 2010

funny arse!

Well 'the husband' and 'the nephew' went to pick up their new toy/heavy arse equipment the other day. It was placed on the trailer by a forklift. When they got it home I see its in a shipping wooden container. How the f*ck is that coming off the trailer is what I'm thinking, let alone up to the garage?? After about an hour, we have broken the shipping container, almost killed one of the two getting it off the trailer by getting it halfway off and then driving away from it to have it fall off the trailer to the concrete, then try and squeeze 3 rollers under it by levering it up with 2 poles, we roll it slowly but surely up to the garage, with its slight incline, about 50 meters away! Thank God that's over.

Food for me on the DDC has been a challenge for me this week. Its more calories than I'm used to but work has been trying to sabotage me this week. We had a presentation that I had to attend and no real food insight, only pizza and cupcakes! Then yesterday as they do at the last Friday of the month, they have 2 large 'birthday' cakes, this week was orange cake and chocolate mousse cake! So as you can imagine I did go over on my calories yesterday however I was under the day before so not soo bad. I understand the whole x11 concept but 1661 calories for me feel like allot when you mind has been in the school of 1000/1200 calories. I am drinking water, not as much yesterday and paid the price when working out my calories for the non diet coke I drank, do you know that they are 200calories EACH. I had forgotten about that since I had been drinking Pepsi Max for a while but didn't have any at home. Normally we by a slab of both, normal coke for 'the husband' and Pepsi Max for me and one of his diabetic friend. Best I get my arse back to the shop and get some Pepsi Max, or better still, drink more water.

Today we have a wedding, great its a cocktail party so lots of finger food, calorie laden food I'm sure, so will try to eat less throughout the day as I know I will be indulging at the wedding in food and also some drinkies.

I have gone back to listing everything I've eaten and drunk on MyFitnessPal again, its an eye opener and I have adjusted my calories to the DDC. So now there is nothing left but to exercise and clean this freaking house again!

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