Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday glorious Saturday

Today is going to be a beautiful 21 degrees here (69F) which is lovely in the sun when its been 16-17 degrees (60-62F) here lately with rain thrown in.

Today I think I will have to clean thoroughly the house as it appears some dust storm followed in the pack of wild dogs who demolished the tidiness of my home. I will spare you the photos but maybe I will post the clean ones.

I think along with that I will have to do something about mowing the front lawn and probably the back lawn as well, although I did mow the back a couple of times last week. (yes that's right, a couple of times, it was long in a short period of time so needed to be trimmed before being trimmed some more).

Since I posted on Thursday morning things got slightly crazy for me at work. I didn't end up doing overtime that night. It took all of my strength just to stay there at lunch time after I received a email as to whom the new 'point of contact' would be for my group. Before I left for my leave, I was advised by my team leader it would be me. So when at the hen's night someone told me it was them, I thought that's fine, I'm sure when I get back it will be worked out. No that's not the case but I let it go. Then the person who was named decided that because of family issues she didn't want to be the 'point of contact'. So thought OK, lets see what happens next. To my surprise they name someone else who hasn't even been doing anything like point of contact since she has been there yet I have been doing everything for the team leader i.e. stats, comm's book and the like. I was very pissed off. Even more so when that person then had to come and ask me questions about all of the work and then had to come and tell me about MY stat's.


I needed to get the fuck out of there before I blew a fuse. I sent the head team leader an email to advise of my disappointment and she said she would talk to me later about why but of course as per usual that didn't come about.

So I have decided to look around for work, I'm sick of having smoke blown up my arse sot hat they can get what they want from me and give me nothing in return. Fuck them. I will just have to tell a new employer that I have planned a trip for next year that will take 4-5 weeks, if they want me they will still take me.

Glad I got that rant out. It was bothering me since Thursday but because I had a follower from work I couldn't say anything and this is my blog so I want to say it I will (sorry JoBee I deleted you as a follower, my bad)

Anyway, have to get the first lot of washing out and get the show on the road, so bye for now

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