Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Out of retirement

That's right, tonight the treadmill came out of retirement.

So now it is not just a cat sleeping bed or a clothes rack in the lounge room but a fully fledged exercise equipment. Although I think 'the husband' was trying to sabotage my efforts by unplugging and taking away my power board. Probably waiting to see how long it takes me to plug it back in.

I have been really tired this week, nothing to do with diet ie food but more to do with not enough sleep no matter what I try. Tonight however I did get on the treadmill for a short time and hope that it will help me sleep once I hit the sack in about 15 minutes.

Food wise I have been eating pretty good, keeping below my calories but I think the lack of sleep is affecting my weight loss which is disheartening. I have been trying to get as much water in as possible but need to get more Pepsi Max as still only the coke in the fridge. I also want to cut down on the coffee, not only for the empty calories but to stop my teeth looking dull.

On a high side I did manage to purchase off eBay a upright freezer so can't wait to fill her this weekend. Also brought some drawers which 'the husband' has been putting together for me, except that they didn't actually fit where I wanted them to go so he had to modify them to fit, too bad if I want to sell them later on.

Also after attending the wedding on the weekend and seeing some of the photo's, the dress and shoes I wore have ended up on eBay, 'the husband' asks why, I don't understand, he obviously saw the photo's, why ask such a stupid question? That dress made me feel and look like I was a ten ton tessy, although I did have to bend down to the brides level which didn't help the 'size' of me but look at that arm, Jesus, does that belong to me?

So my plan for this week is to continue drinking heaps of water, watch my food intake (doesn't help that I went and brought $10 worth of candy for Halloween and no one turned up, bad weather).

This week we also had 'the race that stops a nation' which is the Melbourne Cup. I had to work as it is only a Melbourne Metro holiday and I work in a national call centre, so to go along with it we had dress up and a horse race of our own. Since I had to work and I was going to dress up, I went to the send hand store to find me a dress. I liked it there in the 'old' sizes, where I still fit into a bridesmaid dress that was a 14. I won 'fashions on the field' in my $5.49 dress.

Note: here Allan, behind me at my desk, my 1.5 litre bottle of water???
I like this second photo as I think it makes me look skinner.

By the way, the horse that won the cup? Americain, I didn't bet on him but should have just because of the name, since we are American bound next year!


Kristy said...

Great job on getting back on the treadmill, did you feel better afterwards?

I know I often feel better when I go for a walk even if I don't want to, especially now I have Neddie...

Well done on the bargain dress too.. Looks great

Chelle said...

Just slap that treadmill in front of the TV and put on your favorite show. Those calories will come flying off!

Hooray for the freezer. We have a chest one, and I don't know how we ever lived without it.

I think you are being too hard on yourself about the wedding photo. You really don't look as bad as you think you do. You're right, being hunched over doesn't help. It probably makes it look worse to you than it really is.

Keep up the water and treading!