Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time is flying

I can't believe we are 27 days from Christmas!

I have brought 1 present and have 23 people coming over for the feast! I like to have a present for each and everyone that comes to the house, some will get money some will get an actual present. Why does it seem to be harder every year to buy a present?

We have a new challenge happening at work from Monday of the weight loss type. Should be interesting. I am hoping I will have a foot up with all the additional information I learn from my blog friends.

Health of the parents continue to be an issue, one that I will just have to continue to challenge myself with. Mum thinks she is counting down the days until she dies with her blood clot, tried to talk some sense into her, she should be home this week sometime. I have tried to tell her that if the hospital and doctors thought that the blood clot was going to end her life and would require intervention from them, they would not release her. I think it has slowly sunk in, she is starting to plan for Christmas as well. Guess who will be sent to buy the presents? Of course that would be me.

Dad is handling himself quite well after the shock of the heart attack, he tells me he is feeling much better and hasn't had a headache since the heart attack, which he had been having everyday for at least a year.

I am amazed myself that I do not have high blood pressure from all this stress and running around. I think that I am pretty healthy and plan on staying this way. There is no way I want to be like my parents when it come to health issues. As people though they are generous to a fault. Stubborn when they have an idea, and sometimes even cruel to each other. But in the end, they stick together and will not let anyone go without.

Well on that note, I must wake 'the husband' and subject him to shopping at Ikea......


Lanie Painie said...

Several years ago, we put an end to gift exchanges at Christmas. It was making the whole experience very stressful and it's been so much more enjoyable since we stopped. We still buy things for our kid, and even that seems so excessive because there is nothing she needs, and hardly anything that she wants.

I hope your mom will stop feeling so negative once she is home. She is lucky to have such a caring, wonderful daughter who loves her so much. Maybe you can get some of the gifts online and that will cut down the stress somewhat.

I'm glad you're taking care of your health and will hopefully avoid some of the major issues that your parents had.

They have Ikea in Australia? BONUS!

Chelle said...

Buying for 23 people? Oh my! That is a LOT of shopping. And you're going to be making a meal too? I'm surprised you aren't on blood pressure meds. lol

It would be so difficult to hear your mother talk that way. It sounds like you are handling it well and giving her words of comfort. Poor dear. Its good to hear that your dad has relief from his headaches too. I hope they continue to stay away and that he continues to feel better too.

When you're out shopping for everyone, remember to get something really nice for you too.