Friday, November 26, 2010

Happier today

Today I am happier than I have been for a little while.

Weight this morning was good, which is a pleasant surprise.

Dad had surgery yesterday after much woo haa, he argued with the doctors, threatened to leave early but in the end had the surgery and found that he had 3 blockages, they have placed 2 stent's so far, its dangerous to do 3 in one go, and will have to return to do another procedure in about 6 weeks. That makes me feel like he was a ticking time bomb. Mum is relieved as well so that's good. However mum is still having troubles, her blood clot is on the move, the blood thinners are making her life a little harder as she has skin tears all the time. Still in isolation because of the shingles as well. She is starting to get really down, thinking that the blood clot is a death sentence, I have printed out some info that shows only 3% chance of a bad outcome, and since she fought for her life back in December 09 and won, I think that she has a few years left to live.

As for me again, exercise was very little however the running around work and the hospitals must equal quite a few kilometers per day. Weight this morning was down at 200.4 which is GREAT compared to my last weigh in.

That's it for me, short and sweet, have to get the house work done before tomorrow when the craziness of my life starts again. Have a good one

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Chelle said...

Sorry I haven't been on the blogs lately. I always feel bad when I get to your blog and realize how long it has been. :(

I am sorry to hear your folks are back in the hospital. It is so hard watching our parents get old and break down, isn't it? My dad just had his knee replaced this past week. I am praying for both of your parents, and for you as well. Please remember to take good care of yourself while you are running around taking such good care of everyone else.