Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life changes

That's right, my life is changing for a while. Mum's coming to stay at our place once released from hospital. There is allot of craziness at her house at the moment that she doesn't want any part of so she will be staying here. So that has meant kicking 'the husband' out of one of the rooms he uses, he says for guitar building, I say for crap storing to make room for a new bed to go into the room. It took awhile to get the crap/guitar building stuff out and we are picking up the bed today for the room and setting it up. Mum is/should be released on Monday so it will be all ready for her.

I've been my busy self, going to the hospital daily to see her, no one else has, they are all scared of catching her shingles however unless you come into contact with the fluid from the wound or touch her were she may have coming into contact with it without washing her hands of it say, you can not catch it. If anything, if you haven't had the chickenpox, you could catch that if you came into contact the said fluid. I think its all just an excuse, my family is shit when it comes to looking after mum. I am the youngest and am always 'on call' as it may be.

So in saying how busy I have been, my meals haven't been great, not that I have had over indulgences, I have had eaten on the run, what I can when I can, fluid, well I have tried and tried to remember to drink, but sometimes I think my intake has been less than required. Exercise, well, I have been walking allot, around the hospital and car park, the corridors in that hospital are a killer! But not in the treadmill for at least a week and a bit form when I was ill and now with mum, forget about it.

Yesterday while nicking down the store for my dad, I couldn't believe my eyes but Santa came into town with all his hoo haa of a band playing, fairies and the like on stilts, for God sakes people its still NOVEMBER!

I have done nothing in the way of Christmas shopping, will probably end up waiting for a week or two before the big day for the pressie shopping, I hate that though, normally I'm so very organised but feel a little out of control here........

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about you mom :( that is no fun!

And I totally agree with you on Santa!! He was already visiting the mall the first week of nov!!