Thursday, November 25, 2010

quick update

Well both parents still in the hospital.

One's resigned to the fact she'll be staying until at least next week.

The other, well he is being painful. Dad was told in emergency days in hospital, that was Monday night, which to my calculations means something like Saturday. We have to vote on Saturday. He gets told by another doctor Friday and he is sticking with that day. He has had a fight with the doctor, with fingers flying, accusations being made left right and centre and now he refuses to stay even to Friday. He wants to be taken home tonight, Thursday, again my calculations that is day 3.

So I have already started negotiations with him and the nursing staff that are trying to save his life, to try and talk him in to staying but he thinks he knows best and can control the public health system.

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Chelle said...

Do you think it is a requirement that you get cranky when you get old? My dad is not a cranky person by nature, but apparently he was cranky with his hospital staff too. Let's make a pact to never get cranky when we get old, okay? ;)