Wednesday, November 10, 2010

so sick

OMG I can't believe how sick I am at the moment. My sinusitis is kicking my butt! It all went down hill Monday night after eating a really nice meal I cooked of Thai style chicken on a bed of basmati rice, 1 lemonade icy pole later, and bang, 8.30pm my throat closes over and the face starts to hurt. The next day its all over red rover. Fully blown sinusitis out of the blue, kicking you fully in the butt. I even got up this morning at 2am cause I couldn't sleep. My throat was so sore since I'm breathing through my mouth through the night cause I can't breath at all through my nose at all, nasal spray, tissues, cough lollies (damn I will have to check the calorie count in the lollies) and some water and I'm able to go back to sleep for a bit.

My fear again has come back on the treadmill. No matter what I do or how many times I do it, I just can't seem to run on the treadmill. Before I know it, I've increased the speed, slowly jogging, and then I'm standing on the side of the treadmill again. I try to talk to myself to keep it going but again and again I did it yesterday. Maybe its cause I'm sick that I don't trust myself?? Maybe its just that and I have to wait until I'm a bit better to try running again.

Water, well lucky enough, water and fluid has been my friend since I'm sick and when I look to the Phase 2 list of fluid, I must admit I don't have it as bad as some others on that list at 200oz, when I only need to drink 96oz to lose the weight at 111oz to max it. I worked out that 96oz is actually 12 cans of Pepsi Max, which of course I will not only drink but when you put it that way, sure I could drink that much *cough grumble grumble* but it also is only 4-5 of my water bottles which isn't that bad either. I just went to make myself a hot coffee and decided for today at least to fill a jug with the same amount of liquid I am having in say the 2 coffees I have had so far today and I have had up to 700mls (23oz) thus far and its only 9.13am, I think I can kick 96oz in the butt as well. Here I was originally reading Allan post about having to drink this whole heap of fluid and I must admit I was panicked. I thought there was no way, but now that he has worked it out for us its not that big a mountain. Thanks Allan.

So off I go now to lounge on the couch with a box of tissues and my fluids. Oh and yesterdays food is below:

Breakfast Calories

Generic - Coffee With Skim Milk and Sugar, 6 to 8 oz 30

Eggs - Fried (whole egg), 2 large 185

Tomato - Raw, Red, 4 slices 44

Easiyo Yoghurt - Strawberries and Cream, 0.1 cup 22


Salad - Greek Salad W/ Fetta and Tomato, 1 container (3 media ea.) 450


Red Rooster - Classic Roast , 560 g 644


Nuts - Cashew nuts, raw, 10 g 55

Nestle - Icy Pole - Lemonade, 80 g 45

Generic - Almonds - Raw, Whole, Each , 15 each 110

Generic - Walnut Halves, 5.6 walnut halves/1 0z 76


Total 1,661

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