Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another night out

This must be the beginning of the silly season. I haven't been out so often in years. Last night was to The Comic's Lounge where we saw Hung L (he was in the original Wog Boy movie) and was extremely funny, as we Gab Rossi and Drew Rokos. It was all in aid of Miss Patty's birthday. Dinner was first at a little restaurant which I got to see the menu in advance at work and couldn't get the idea of a roasted vegetable pizza out of my mind, so of course I ordered it. When it came I was slightly disappointed. It did not live up to my expectations. Someone said, don't worry the taste will knock your socks off. Well they were wrong!
I don't know how many calories were in that but what ever they were, I don't think they were worth it. In saying that the pizza was a very think crisp pizza with little tomato sauce and a spare amount of sliced zucchini (not even long ways like my imagination told me they would be) less than 1 red capsicum was used to make the roasted capsicum portion and the egg plant was, well it just was. I drank water there at the restaurant and only had 1 missed drink at the show of Tequila and lemonade, 2 cokes and water when I got home.

It would have been a good food day, had my mother not come over. I can't help but indulge my mother. If she wants something, I will bend over backwards to get it for her. It used to be roasted vegetable focaccia with Salami, then it went to the Pizza Sub and Subway and now its potato cakes from my local 'fish and chip' shop. Needless to say, 3 potato cakes later.........

I have been drinking allot of herbal tea lately, the newest being Twining's Lemon and Ginger, as far as tea goes, its quite good, its 5 calories to a cup and I do believe ginger is a good thing for helping with metabolism as well, don't know about it's help in tea but its all worth a go.

Next week we don't appear to have any engagements but the week after that we have another wedding, this time it's a New Zealanders wedding so that could spell disaster for the the diet, as they are known for the hangi, the drinking, the huka and the Eskimo kiss's. Then the next day is a Tupperware party and you know that there is always going to be too much food, although the host is also on a diet so maybe that will be OK.

1 week later its the work Christmas party which still unsure if I will attend as its 'without' partners.

2 weeks later it is my birthday, which I haven't anything planned for at the moment.

Exercise is going good, as I previously stated, I have cleaned up and off the treadmill and she's getting used daily, along with my resistance band. All guns are now blazing.

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