Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday food and FLUID

Todays fluid intake was huge and still going. Before 'the husband' tipped out the jug of water I had been measuring I was at 3.8 litres and opened a can of Pepsi Max for another 375ml so that takes me over 4.2 litres (142 oz) today and with this throat, there will be more to come that's for sure. Food has gone over slightly today, but I think I can make that up over the next couple of days. I haven't felt up to exercising today so will give it a miss but make that up also over the next few days. I hope everyone else on the challenge had a great day and those not on the challenge as well.

Breakfast Calories

Generic - Coffee With Skim Milk and Sugar, 18 to 8 oz 90

Tomato - Raw, Red, 4 slices 44

Eggs - Fried (whole egg), 2 large 185


Generic - Coffee With Skim Milk and Sugar, 6 to 8 oz 30

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup - Pho, 1 Bowl 367


Woolworths (Aus) - Beef Sausages With Herb and Garlic, 2 Sausages (170g) 445

Generic - Baked Potato - Jacket Potato W/ Skin, 1 medium (173 g) 280

Veg - Frozens Peas, 2/3 cup 70

No Name (Superstore) - Whole Kernal Corn, 1/2 cup 80

Butter - Salted, 1.5 tbsp 153



Here's a picture of my sandstone monk from our front garden

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