Wednesday, November 17, 2010

flying post

not much has changed in my world. Mum's still in hospital, hopefully out before the weekend. New developments are she has some liver function issues to go along with her kidney function issues, as well as developing a blood clot in her leg, Deep Vein Thrombosis. Much joy going around, now she wants to plan her funeral since she has something wrong with just about every organ in her body. I can understand that but obviously don't want to face the fact that she could be right.

I also came to the conclusion after starting my 3rd 1 litre bottle last night that I don't think I am drinking enough water. At home it wasn't such a problem but at work I can't have a bottle straped to my face all day. So I have to put in a conserted effort to make sure I am DRINKING enough.

Ok, off to work again, be good and play safe

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