Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yonks and yonks

That says it all doesn't it? It's been yonks and yonks since I was last here, or so it feels. The surprise is I guess that as of the 1st of May we are still 3rd in line, that's been going on for a few months now. It feels like forever however it is good in some ways as this home improvement of the painting, tiling, light fittings, carpet, yard is taking forever to complete! I feel really depressed when thinking about it actually.

So I thought last week, what about a painting party? My sister in-law after all thinks that its easy, and she has 2 kids who would love to paint the trims. So tomorrow is the day they are meant to come over, we'll see............

On the bad side, Daz is again out of work. Only the 4th time this year. Yes I am freaking out about now. So I guess 3rd is good.

Work for me on the other hand is going OK, I haven't really applied for anything else. I think I should be content at the moment where I am and be happy to have a continuous job. I just wish that I had enough money to buy a few badly needed things like a freezer and new washing machine. My washing machine now lives outside in the yard as it leaks to much and the repair man said it is far to gone to fix it. So on the up side at least the hose makes it to the garden bed!

I wanted to also say congratulations to the proud new parents over on Swimming Against the Tide, may your little angel bring you all the happiness and joy you were looking for.

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