Sunday, June 07, 2009

Oh my God will it ever end...........

That's the painting and tiling that is.

1 bedroom - to be babies bedroom & the laundry to go!

Yesterday we were meant to finish the painting and the tiling, even got up early and went and got a bit of extra grout, expect after picking mum up, I couldn't be bothered. I did have to go to Bunnings Warehouse where I saw, low and behold a paint that No Swimmers used in her kitchen to make it look like a million dollars. So I brought a can home to show hubby. He didn't think it would work but thought he would give it a go. That's when I was sent back to Bunnings to buy more! Since we are going to redo the sink area, there is no use painting the bench tops yet but the side panel and the front of the island was done and it has really transformed the kitchen already. I'm just trying to talk hubby into painting all of the cupboards, with our brushed silver handles on the hammered brown it will look great. It's what we were going to do for colour on the $10,000 kitchen we were quoted for anyway.

Still no word from the contractored social worker, lucky I guess, the fumes are overwhelming!

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twondra said...

Hope you're able to get it done soon. :)