Saturday, February 05, 2011

Something different!

Someone must have done something to piss off the powers that be....

How else can you explain all of these weather changes in such a short time?
Now not only did Brisbane flood, Far North Queensland's cyclone, WA's cyclone, regional Victoria's floods and now metropolitan Melbourne flash flooding! What the hell is going on? Its meant to be SUMMER here people, with white sandy beaches (albeit with smoke butts in the sand) long days sun baking on this sun burnt country, ice creams running down your hands, mozzie bites and BBQ's but instead we have this....

Some poor fellow in Metro Melbourne flooded in his poor kitchen!

The worse part, there is more to come over the next 24 -48 hours!

People have been washed away in their cars, being rescued for running to the shop or collecting their kids. 'The Husband' had gone to band practice last night and the rain started and didn't stop, it was scary waiting for him to get home without having some sort of accident or breaking down due to the water, lucky he made it home and is tucked away in bed right now.
Of course being Saturday, mum and I normally go out, but I think we will wait until we know its going to be OK, weather wise first. We would normally part undercover however with the recent floods, I'm reluctant to park undercover to only have my car float, I can only imagine the damage that could be done. But mum being in a wheelchair, its hard to park out in the open as well, probably better to stay at home.


Lanie Painie said...

I've been seeing all that craziness on the news along with all the blizzards over here. Who ordered the Extreme Super-Sized weather for this planed? not me.

Polar's Mom said...

Yeah the snow/ice has been ridiculous all over the US this year...someone up there is pissed at us! If they evacuate you, where do you go?

Polar's Mom

Chelle said...

We've been having crazy weather over here in The States too. We've been house bound for the last 4 days. Tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of above freezing temps, and I am hoping it melts the ice off the roads that has kept us from going out.

Stay safe girl. Don't go out unless it's safe.


Journey Girl said...

My gosh, I know it is absolute craziness!! I was reluctantly getting ready for my training session at the Tan, looking outside at what looked like a waterfall from the sky - thankfully, they cancelled the session - I think we would have been washed away. It was so bloody humid as well - it was like Bangkok in the monsoon!!