Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Today is a new day

Hopefully after seeing the financial counsellor today I will feel allot more freer, is that even a word?

I'm hoping that it will take away some strain, to maybe see it in a different light, maybe its not as bad as I think, or maybe its worse, I will just have to suck it and see. We also have our appointment today with a notary to get our contract with our embryo donor done, then will have to send off overseas to have the donor also have signed off by a notary and then it will whisk its way to the clinic and hopefully they will finally be satisfied.

Its that TOTM for me, started nearly a week early! Darn it, in all this hot weather as well, just when you want to be care free and live it up, your stuck with the tummy ache which is never care free. Lucky I got my sexy back last week otherwise there would be no sexy for another week :O

It appears that Big Al is about to stuck chucking challengers out of the challenge, what can I say, I'm amazed I haven't been chucked before now, but I guess I will make it official and just leave. I'm really not in the mood to be chucked anywhere at the moment. So officially I'm out. Thanks for all the help Allan, it really did help for the short period I was on it but again, not everything is for everyone, no point being nasty about it or getting angry because someone didn't/couldn't/wouldn't follow the plan exactly, but be happy to have made some new connections, I know you have plenty of friends so probably don't need more, but I hope that this doesn't mean the end to our cyber relationship..........

In saying that, I have lost a little more today, 197.3 which brought me back down again, no doubt being that TOTM it will show up again on the scales anyday now.

Edit note - Just received a reply from me mate Allan, so I'm still IN officially

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Anonymous said...

Good luck w/the financial planner. Is hubby coming with you also? He's 50% of the mix afterall ;-).

Good luck with the donor paperwork too. Is it going to be sent directly to her home?