Sunday, January 30, 2011

its done

I feel like this journey of weight loss is done for me, I haven't followed the plan for a week or so, I get bored easy. I may be wrong and will find out the hard way but unfortunately this week weight gain just put it in my face so the facts are the facts, I suck at weight loss and following plans!

I feel miserable, it is also stress related, the 1 income thing, its getting to me, I'm going to see a financial counsellor on Tuesday, hopefully get my shit under control.

'The Husband' doesn't understand or maybe he is feeling his own stress. He doesn't talk about it at all. He has started to get orders for his business at home, got a deposit cheque but I find that he isn't a finisher. We have one of his jobs in the yard that has been here for months, just waiting to be finished. That's cold hard cash waiting to come in, it could pay some bills and have the phone calls stop for money. But it still sits there because he moves onto something else instead of completing what he has.

OMG, that just sounded like I'm a hypocrite! Here I am saying he doesn't finish anything and I had just said I was done with the plan.

Jesus, I need mental help I think! Maybe the adoption people were right, maybe I am mental?

Either way, that said, The Biggest Loser starts tonight, and I will be watching, hopefully from my treadmill.

Oh weigh in was 198lbs, that's up 2.7 :(


Teresa Mof said...

Hi Sue, "Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous Those are pretty powerful words and speak for themselves, but I would add don't wait until the doctor tells you the you are at the highest levels of Blood Pressure meds they can give you and your BP is still high. My Mom was just told that and at 67 finally - that day - flipped the switch in her head.

Take care and keep moving foward!

Lanie Painie said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Sue. I honestly believe that diets don't work for most people. Join the crowd.

Keep doing the best you can to make good choices about your health every day. Not every choice is good, but that doesn't mean that the next one won't be better. I have to believe that. I have been off the wagon for weeks now and really depressed. not sure which came first actually.

At least I can use winter blahs as part of my excuse.

Damn. I need some candy. Be back later.

Jacqui said...

ok.. you stopped following the plan and gained this week. That doesn't mean you can't move forward. You pick yourself up and try again. Don't give up. Never give up! We've all been there. Remind yourself of the reasons you are on this journey.

You've been under huge amounts of stress lately... give yourself a little slack.. but keep trying. (((HUGS)))

Polar's Mom said...

Ok, so this plan isn't for you, but it sounds like you need a more versatile, more ready made plan? Something where the food is already allotted and healthy, and all you gotta do is cook it-like Jenny Craig? I realize the one income thing makes it almost impossible to do a plan like that now, but maybe when the finances are rolling the way you'd like you can think about it? You don't suck at anything, you just need to find the right fit and the motivation to do it again. Don't give up on yourself!

Polar's Mom

Kristy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself Sue, you have been through a lot of stress recently... I am listening to "You can heal your life" by Louise Hay at the moment in the car. It has 4 discs and I have just started listening to it for the 3rd time. It has really spoken to me and I think this will help me lose weight in the longer term, plus help with my overall happiness of life. I borrowed from the Library :)

Take care Sue