Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dinner Pic's to share

So last night I made homemade pizza, the plan called for cheese only pizza for me, and i know I will probably be in trouble with this one as I did add some green capsicum and some home grown cherry tomatoes but that's all :

My cooked Pizza

'The Husbands' pizza however was a full mishmash of lots of extra's. He really enjoyed his pizza he tells me and mine was good however again I will have to trial bases unless I find the time after work to make my own.

The Husbands, prebaked pizza

The cooking of The Husbands pizza

God the pizza was great, I am so glad that Allan has it on his plan otherwise we would never have ended up making our own.

Weigh in for me tomorrow (I'm 15 hours ahead of you guys)

But first today I will be going out with mum for the first time in ages, and part of it is always eating lunch at the shopping centre..............


Jacqui said...

your pizza looks yummy! I don't think the veggies will get you in trouble... nothing wrong with a few extra veggies, in my opinion! :) said...

Looks good..I am making oizza right now. But it is the oizza that I make on the flatouts..We love them You can probaly find an old post by doing a search on my page ( ; said...

OMG I just realized where you live!!!! Have you ever been to the US??

Sue said...

No not yet Renea, but soon, this year I will be there, going to a infertility clinic in LA (Thousand Oaks), maybe we can catch up IRL