Wednesday, January 12, 2011

water water water everywhere water

This country is under siege by water!

At the moment obviously it is being reported internationally as well as nationally of the floods in Queensland. It is said that 75% of the State of Queensland is a natural disaster. Let me tell you, Queensland is not a small State.
The water is now also moving north to NSW, they are evacuating there also on the border. And now my very own State (we are in the very smallish State of Victoria) has decided to take on as much water as possible with the massive rain falls expected over the next few days and flooding already occuring in regional centres.
I have been really worried about the animals in all of this floods, last night they placed music to some of the footage which made me cry but to then see cows up to their necks in water, and rapid water it is in Queensland, there was a snake curled up on a fence post and a chicken floating down stream. I can only imagine it is much worse than we see on a small film clip.
Brisbane, Queensland still have yet to have their peak which is expected by 4am tomorrow. The energy companies have turned off allot of the power supplies due to the high voltage power lines which we are now placing under ground in the newer areas.
We have sort of located a friend who is close to the floods, he has his house next door to his elderly parents property in Chuwar not far from Ipswich, their house would more than likely be under water by now. We were able to get a text message through via his stepson, but of course they are all running out of phone charge so that was all we have heard since yesterday.
The company I work for is a national courier company, so we have many colleagues that we would speak to daily that we can't contact, regional depots that are closed. It is just a sad state of affairs. I can't even imagine what will happen with our food prices over the next few month/year, a great deal of our food is grown in Queensland.
God help us all, but it seems he may be the one in control of the rain!
On a happier note: weight is steadily coming down, every morning I have a smile on my face and even after eating and drinking all day, I am happy on the scales. Thanks Allan........


Life as a Caterpillar said...

Much love to you Sue. I have rellies in QLD and my parents were holidaying in NSW, but went down to Brisbane to see them, and now can't get home

I really feel for all the animals too

I trust you and your family will be ok xxx

Sue said...

Thanks Lesley for dropping by, I hope your parents and rellies are safe, warm and best of all DRY.

Brett said...

Sue the clips on the BBC International news shown here in Chicago are just horrific. I am praying you and your loved ones will all be okay.


Polar's Mom said...

Hope you are staying dry!!!

Award for you on my site...

Polar's Mom