Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BMI and other Australian news

This morning I decided to look up my current BMI which is 31, the ideal BMI for my height/Age is 19-25, when I look at the higher of the 2 it doesn't seem that far away really, 6 points.

I'm sure that the 6 points are going to be hard worked for, and if I can be better than that, then I will try and achieve this. As of the 1st of May, as long as I stick with 'the plan' my BMI should be 26.3 or there abouts, this will still give me the time I need before the US trip which I am planning at the end of July this year.

The anticipation for the arrival of those numbers are keeping me going that's for sure. Today as I sit here, during my lunch hour, typing this post, I feel really good and feel like I am not as bloated like I have been, my stomach feels a bit flatter which is always a plus. Now if only I could get my legs to skinny up that would be a massive plus.

On another note, something absolutely shocking has happened in the town of Toowoomba in Queensland, the Sunshine State here in Australia. They have just had a massive flood that took everyone by surprise. So far, there is 8 people dead and 72 people missing. Cars have been washed away like toys, smashing into anything and everything in their path. People in their cars, stranded with the water quickly engulfing them.

The story and videos are here. It is really scary to think this could happen anyway at anytime, you are just minding your own business and bang. I just can't understand where all that water comes from, they aren't even close to the beach to think of a tsunami.

So I hope that this post finds anyone who is reading from Toowoomba safe and sound and anyone with friends or relatives near there also safe and sound.


Kelly said...

Weird! I just posted about BMI also!

Kelly! said...

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe how scary that is that's so sad i'm pretty sure that's my biggest fear...drowing. not only drowning, but being crushed under the pressure that is so sad i hope people are found and your loved ones are safe keep us updated!