Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weigh in and more

So today was weigh in for me, 195.3, its down slightly but not as good as last weeks loss. I'm still happy, its moving down, who wouldn't be happy, I only have myself to blame.

I needn't have worried about our outing yesterday, by the time we got moving, we were just go go go, no time for lunch which actually meant that I didn't eat until dinner yesterday at about 8.30pm once I got back home and put away our groceries. Adding a wheel chair to the back of my small hatch back, along with all of the shopping mum and I did was a little crazy, I had to call 'the husband' and ask if he could come and collect our groceries from the shopping centre just in case I couldn't fit it all in.

Went to see 'the niece' who is getting married in April, we had just brought her kitchen tea presents, as she had just gone and picked up her wedding flowers and wanted to show us. (she had silk flowers made which I didn't think would look good but they do) She had also asked me to do a reading at the church ceremony which should be interesting, I am not a public speaker and the thought of doing it is making me a little nervous, but as long as I can practice it long before makes it a little easier.

So whats on for today, well I'm heading back to mum's today, going to dye her hair as well as do a bit of a clean up. The boys did what they could while she was in hospital but its not up to her standard as she is in the wheel chair or using a walker, she really can't get in and clean the shower or the bath, so here I am, getting my cleanliness on.


Julie said...

A wonderful daughter you are. Mama's need help at times and it's great that you can help her out. I hope you enjoyed your day with her too, even if it was chores to do.
Take care and keep up the great work. God Bless!!

Chelle said...

I am glad to hear your mom is out of the hospital. You are so sweet with her. She is blessed to have you.

I am sure you will be nothing short of great in your speech. What an honor to have you speak at your niece's wedding.

Keep up the hard work on the weight loss. I still think of you every time I weigh in and hope your efforts are going well. :)

Polar's Mom said...

What an awesome daughter you are! And hey, weight loss is weight loss!! Keep going you are doing great!

Polar's Mom