Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't know what day it is

Its some day, a good day, I think.

Today in my own State of Victoria, we also had flooding, not in my home or suburb but close around, there is no danger for me, thank goodness, but I have family in Beaufort in Victoria that has flooding. As soon as I heard this morning I rang my aunt, her phone was engaged. The crazy thought were running through my mind. I got hold of my cousin who lives in Melbourne and she was on the phone with her mother and said she was OK. If anything bad was going to happen she would text me. I called mum at the rehab to tell her, she is mum's only sister. Later that night while I was visiting my mum we were watching the new, there before our eyes we saw my uncles garage .......... flooded. We again tried to call my aunt so mum could talk to her, she wasn't there. We called my cousin again and she said all was still fine for my aunt. Yes the town was flooded but they were at the football club which is being used for the towns people for now. Any more rain and the creek's banks would break and that's when the real problems would begin. So far, so good.

Food, well its going great guns, although I haven't been eating everything, everyday. So what I mean is that I have been eating on plan except I forget to eat so come home with food. I am not replacing these uneaten foods with anything else, just not eating it all. Now this is a huge change from last week when I wanted to eat, well everything plus more.

Tonight I did the pizza thing, better than last week that's for sure, used some old flat things, not pita but things, 'the husband' got a store brought pizza and I added things to it and he LOVED IT, so much so that he is happy for me to continue to 'make' the pizza instead of ordering in. Next time I think I will buy a store brought base for me as well and make individual ones. It was fantastic, thanks Allan for that on the menu.

Well that's it for me, can't weight for weigh in, I think it should be good as long as I'm not holding onto any water.


Plump Nonfiction said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all the flooding going on. I hope everything works out :-(

Polar's Mom said...

There are pretty great crusts that you can order from Netrition, called Car-Lo I think. Sure they are only 7 inches in diameter, but they maintain their shape and hold up at least an inch of ingredients on top without getting wimpy. They don't have much taste, but they are nutritionally as unobtrusive. I usually stack on diced peppers, mushrooms, olives, jalapenos, garlic, a thin later of tomato sauce, lowfat mozarella, and turkey pepperoni-under 300 calories for the WHOLE thing!!

Polar's Mom

Journey Girl said...

I lost you for a bit but have now found you again - yay!! Cripes, hope your aunt is okay - these floods have been crazy haven't they!!

Good work on your resolve to lose weight, I am also trying at the moment!!