Sunday, January 09, 2011

Error in judgement

That's what I call it.

Everything was going so well yesterday, then it was time for the 'cheese only' pizza. Well I thought I would get 'the husband' a standard pizza from the pizza shop and I in my wisdom brought a box pizza from the supermarket, it was thin crust, had cheese, some small amount of tomato and basil. I ate some, it wasn't a huge pizza, considering it was thin crust and had nothing on it, so ate the other half ............... when I was cleaning up I tried to find the calories on the box, there were tucked neatly in a corner on the front. For half the pizza was 441 calories! I ate the lot, that's 882 calories for this paper thin piece of whatever. it wasn't even that filling.

I should have just gotten the WW pizza although it wasn't a 'cheese only' pizza but would have been much less calories and thicker :(


C. said...

Fear not! This has happened to me as well, and with my own recipe at that! (I miss calcuated the pasta- a marked it as 5 oz cooked pasta instead of 5oz uncooked...big difference!)

Tomorrow is another day, and if you're following the WW program, then you have the extra weekly to cover your mistake! Just stay ON the bandwagon! :)

Sue said...

Thanks C for the encouragement, I'm not on the WW plan but on the Allan plan, hopeing it will kick me in the arse and lose some of these extra belly rolls.

Anonymous said...

You could try making your own dough or buying premade dough so you know what all the ingredients are and then your could either make a veggie pizza or a cheese one where you know exactly how much cheese and such is going on.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Do you ever make tortilla pizzas? Get some whole wheat tortillas and a small bit of cheese with some pizza sauce, it will stay in the frig for a long time. I toast the tortilla on the stove top, add a bit of sauce and a small amount of cheese to half of it and fold it in half like a quesadilla. You can add veggies too. Make sure you weigh your cheese so you know how much you are putting on. You'd be surprised how LITTLE cheese you need on it. Just a thought for the future. I just made some for my kids tonight.

Kelly! said...

Wow! to be fair, you did not know! but all you can do is forgive yourself and accept it and start fresh right now! You can redeem yourself! as for the article above, i am sickened by the fact of hurting those poor babies...some people are just sick.