Thursday, January 06, 2011

Day 3

So today was good, food was good, in the middle of cooking my pasta right now. Am a bit hungry but sorry for TMI but it's TTOM for me so my tummy is pretty sorry and sore for its self.

I haven't been to see mum in a couple of days because I've just felt so darn drained. I feel guilty when I don't go but sometimes I just need to lay on the couch.

Its hot here at the moment at 35 degrees today and 40 expected tomorrow with rain on Saturday of course.

I haven't got much to say, have been to work, its not that bad for the last couple of days but today I was a little quiet so they were worried something was wrong. But alas, nothing that some good pain killers can't fix, maybe some more carbs but they are on the menu tonight anyway.

Tomorrow I have to make a concerted effort to visit the mother in the hospital.

Chao for now ;)

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Kelly! said...

Sue, glad to see you're sticking to your plan! As for your mother, i do not know why she is in the hospital but i will be praying for her health. Your health, however, seems to be in control :) keep doing what you're doing you seem to be on track!