Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day 2 - part 2

Today has been really good food wise, fluid wise and even work wise.

I have fixed my lunch for tomorrow, can't wait for breakfast either, 2 small pancakes, please I want them now ...........

If I continue on this way I can't see how I can't lose some weight at weigh in.

I have added a new tab as well to keep a track of my weekly losses, so am optimistic about that.

I got out of a 3 year gym membership that was going to cost me like $1900 dollars for the smaller amount of $207, very happy about that waste of money. I know, its a gym membership and possibly something that us fatties need but a 3 year contract that you can't break is crazy. I may still join a local gym but one with a better contract, if a contract at all. Especially since I do own or am paying off the treadmill I already have and have received a new Xbox for Christmas which I can do exercise with.

I am really jealous of you guys at the moment, it seems that the Biggest Loser is on your screens at the moment, it seems ages since I have seen an American series or even our own Aussie season, although ours may be on its way soon as they keep on advertising 'coming soon'. I freakin love that show, normally on the couch with coke and chips or butter popcorn, but not this year, no sir.

Anyway, think my dinner is cooked, chat later :0

Back again .......

Just nicked down the street to buy my mini pancakes for the morning, some WW ice cream for tonights snack and some 15gram milk chocolate for tomorrow arvo snack and now I want them all, why is that? I normally won't even be bothered with chocolate, the mini pancakes I might go but even the ice cream is normally something that I would normally run to for comfort. It's crazy the way your brain works when you are on a 'plan'..........

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Trace said...

Have you considered NetFlix? They have a digital version for movies and TV shows. For example, I'm currently watching Weeds (which is on Showtime and we don't get any pay channels)on my ITouch and we have WiFi set up at home, but if you have a laptop or using your Xbox...which I think can be hooked up to NetFlix. Atleast the Wii can.