Monday, January 10, 2011

Part 2

So after lunch today I really got stuck into my work and missed my arvo tea break where I was going to eat my yoghurt and strawberries, which I actually didn't mind because every time I go to visit mum in the hospital, its around her dinner time, and even though I would rather eat my own shoe that eat that hospital crap, I tend to get hungry.

So today instead of trying to stop myself eating her lollies or crappy sweet biscuits that come with her cup of tea, I ate my strawberries and yoghurt and it held me over to dinner of steak, rice, beans and carrots (beans were left over from last night) and my left over salad from lunch today. All very satisfying. Although, night time is my worst for snacking and I could snack right now. I can hear 'the husbands' ice cream bowl clacking down in the lounge room so lucky I'm not down there. I haven't yet had my milk today, maybe I could have that glass which will give me a little fill.

The other good news is that mum could be home on the 17th, today week, that is good for me as I won't feel so obligated to visit her every day if she is back home with my dad, my brother and his 3 sons. Plus it would give me some time to do overtime at work $$$$$ plus some early nights home with 'the husband'.

Anywho, can hear the milk calling me........


Anonymous said...

I completely agree!! A shoe might taste better than hospital food, but when you havent eaten it looks really good! Glad you had a good snack with you to get you through to dinner!! I hope your mom is feeling better and gets to go home on the 17th!

Lanie Painie said...

i wonder why it's always "eat my own shoe?" Is that preferable to somebody ELSE's shoe?