Monday, January 10, 2011

Start to a new week

So today is the start of another week, the official weigh in brought me 2.2lbs less this week, was thinking I would get something much more but honestly, after what I had done this week with snacking and the mistake with the pizza, I'm just glad I've had a loss.

I have started the day well, had my said waffle, and now lunch, didn't have a roll so had a piece of bread instead. Have my strawberries and yoghurt ready in the fridge for afternoon snack, then home tonight after the hospital visiting mum to have my bite of steak, with rice and carrots.

Must remember to drink all of my fluid, I'm resting at lunch with a Pepsi Max, had 3 coffee's and 500 mls of water, not bad for getting just after 12.52pm with still 3.5 hours of work and another 4-5 hours before bed. I have great plans for this body, and this is all fitting in with my plan as well as Allans.

Well its almost time for me to start working again, so chao for now .........

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Plump Nonfiction said...

Great loss!!! Way to go!