Friday, January 05, 2007

Woops I slipped.....

Woops I slipped and fell on savoury shapes!

Last night after a really stressful day I ended up eating a whole box of savoury shapes, after I got through the food day at work, here I am eating savoury shapes. I still went for my walk, I know it doesn't make up for it but oh well, I won't let it keep me down, I've kept to my diet today except I haven't eaten my fruit yet and I haven't planned dinner yet.

Will have to be strong and plan better, don't know why I am beating myself up it has only been 1 day without planning dinner and only 1 slip with the savoury shapes. I do get 2 days of indulgence so I will put savoury shapes as indulgences for 2 days since it was the whole box.

Gee glad I spoke to you as I don't feel so bad now about my slip, thanx

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