Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Work In Progress

Work In Progress

Its now after the 1st of January when all the New Years Resolutions are put out there and well where is mine????

I think I won't bother with a New Years resolution this year as I only seem to break them, why disappoint myself with failure when I know already that it will most probably end in tears. Might as well jsut face it now that I will be big until the day I get up and start moving, until I stop being too lazy to prepare my food and get organised. I'm never organised for anything why am I suprised? I must admit I'm always on time for things so I guess I do have a organised bone in my body, but still have a very large lazy bone which dominates.

Maybe I will start my New Years resolution to just be more organised instead of drawing a line in the sand and trying to make it over that line. maybe I should just start slow. Isn't that what everyone tells you, set some short term goals. Thats what I will do, I'll set some and come back and tell you what they are. Then I will publish them and they will be in writing for all to see. (maybe not)

Thats it for me today, have to get my butt ready for work, hate to be late.

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