Monday, November 05, 2007

Not soo bad

So the Workforce Solutions came out to my home today, I'm going to call her 'Rehab Chick' from now on, she gave me some idea's about exercises for my wrist however they hurt and as anyone who knows me knows, I don't do anything that hurts! She advised me on some anti-inflammatory cream that I can use from the health food store, just a bit worried that the stuff from the chemist could hurt a growing fetus (if there is one in there). Will possibly meet with her at work on Thursday afternoon to reset up my desk, she is looking to get me a fancy new mouse setup which I have never seen before or even heard of before. And possibly reducing my hours for a while until I am back to speed. The funniest thing is that she wants me to start using the mouse on the left side, ever heard of uncoordinated??? That will be me with a left hand side mouse. Found some pictures of the new mice she was talking about so hopefully work will purchase for me.

Dazza has been talking about moving to Queensland and I have seriously been considering it. Number one is that he has advised that if I agree, I can be a 'stay at home mum' and not have to go to work, this sounds like bliss to me, but I wonder if I still get the same conditions if I don't fall pregnant???? I am a bit concerned about leaving my mum but then thought, well it's only a cheap airfare if brought in advance and I would be happy to send her a ticket for a week a month or a weekend a month if she wants. I would also love for her to come and stay once I do finally have a baby for a decent period of time, not only to help out but she has been waiting just as long as me, for there to be a baby in my arms. So no decision has been made as yet as to whether we will move or not but I will keep you posted.

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Kek said...

See, I told you those occupational health bods are helpful! :)

Sue, do the exercises!! It will not get better, or at least will keep recurring if you don't. I bet you have some problems with your shoulder and/or neck as well, and if so, those need fixing. There's no easy way out...

Left-handed mousing isn't as big a drama as you think - start off by doing 5 minutes at a time with your left hand. You'll want to chuck the thing through the nearest window at first. If you persevere though, you'll find it gets easier. I now use my left hand most of the time, swapping over every now and then when my arm gets fatigued.

So...your choices are: left-handed mousing and rehab exercises, or continual pain. No contest, really.