Sunday, November 04, 2007

What's been happening?

Its been a while since I posted and thanks Kerryn for checking in on me. My last post showed that the pud is slowing coming back on, not that I can say I've done much about it. I have now ended up off work with RSI so unable to spend nearly anytime on the computer without it giving me grief later on and even though I love you guys, I hate pain more.

I have also started to think more about having a baby so the exercise thing as gone out the window. I, like many of you guys I'm sure, bite off more than I can chew. My main thought in doing so is that if I am distracted by something else I won't realise that I am doing something else. In short, I go gungho at something or more than 1 something thinking that the other will keep be distracted from the other and both will get done. In reality it ends up that nothing is done.

So instead I have slowed down, concentrating on one thing, wait to see how that pans out before moving onto something else. I have however cleaned out my wardrobe, put about 19 items on eBay to sell, cleaned out my junk drawer in the kitchen along with my utensils drawer, its amazing how you end up with more than one of the same thing??

I have a person coming from Workforce Solutions tomorrow to discuss my RSI so that should be fun NOT! Other than that I am bored, hence the clean up as the doctor has told me complete rest of the wrist but that is really hard, I can't do cross stitch or anything fun, I don't have the car as Dazza's got that during the day, so I can't do anything but watch the same darn Foxtel shows that were on already. Frustrated.....................

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Kek said...

Sue, Workforce Solutions are usually pretty good.... they were the consultants for my overuse injury, and they actually helped quite a bit with workstation adjustments and special equipment. Plus they gave me some good advice about modifying things at home and making adjustments to my driving position and so on.

I strongly recommend that you see a physio or osteopath - if you don't have extras cover, get your GP to refer you, as you can then claim a few visits on Medicare. If you're lodging a compo claim, it'll mostly be paid for anyway. There's usually an underlying cause of these types of injury, not just the overuse thing, and you need to identify that and get it treated.

Meanwhile rest it, apply ice regularly, take pain relief and use cushions or pillows to see if you can find a comfortable arm position, even when you're just sitting watching TV. A physio will give you some rehab exercises to do too....