Friday, November 16, 2007

And the beat goes on

I haven't been around much of late, I have had to rest my wrist a while, been bored as hell :(

I have been trying to think of some exercise that's not exercise but is exercise, does that make sense??? Probably not but anyway. I was thinking Tai Chi but now that I have investigated it a tiny bit more on the net it may be harmful to my wrist with the actions. If anyone has some experience in this, please let me know if it would be ok with RSI.

Anywho, what else have I been doing, absolutely nothing. I have put on a few kilos being at home, I have tended to eat a few bags of potato chips over these last few weeks which are showing around my mid section. Dazza also weighed himself the other night and I weigh 200grams more than him but he is about 5 inches taller than me. Oops

So although I will not be starting anything big or rapid, I do want to lose some of this weight, I will be starting at 86.8 kilos. I can't believe I have let myself put on these extra kilo's again although I haven't gotten to my heaviest which was 89 kilos but well on the way if I keep this up. So will start off with walks, can't lift weights because of my wrist, so also can't skip rope, ride bike or walk dogs. I really need to lose some of this weight if I am ever to have a baby, so kick me in the arse if you see I've slipped, I will tell you, I can't keep my mouth shut :O

I'm also trying to cut down on the caffine which means no Coke and limiting coffee to only the mornings (try not to shovel in as much as I can before 10am) and eating more veg. Can you eat to much veg. For dinner I would normally make mashed potato (1 medium potato) and a heap of peas, beans, carrots and sometimes corn on the cob, I do put a knob of butter on it and tend to eat this all before I start on my meat of the day. I guess when I was dieting before I started to think of any food as evil so this is why I stopped thinking of food but look where it has gotten me now!

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