Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not much to say

So since my last post not much has been happening here, I did say I was going to start to do some exercise and as with most things I say, its gone by the wayside. But it must start.

I was went to my niece's grade 6 graduation on Friday night, what to wear, what to wear. Well thought just throw on some jeans and a nice top. Out came the size 16 Jacqui E jeans I brought off EBay, on they go, mmmmmmmmmmm how do I get the zip up? After some manipulation they went up but I thought how long for? So with that said, I think I will be walking to the train station daily, to and from, that way I get some extra exercise in. I haven't been walking the dogs due to my wrist as they pull a bit so I haven't had any exercise really. I really must get my butt moving, tonight I have washed the car and stress would have burnt some calories I think but other than that, big zero. I should be doing ironing now, sure that will burn some but I hate ironing. I haven't eaten much today except for 4 slices of white bread toast with margarine and peanut butter, not good I know but I will start to control it, after my large packet of Tangy chips, I promise :)

What else has happened ....................... well I almost brought a car again but my father talked some sense into me. Although I must admit, it doesn't take much to sway me from getting into $16000 in debt. I was really struggling with the thought of taking out a loan that goes for 5 years. After all Dazza's car isn't paid off yet and we still have 2 years to pay that. I hate that car loan, why would I do it again? But I almost did, I have to call Hyundai tomorrow to cancel the order. They are going to love me, twice now I have done that, next time when I really want to do it I will have to change dealerships :(

Well best go and start the bloody ironing, its not going to do itself. Once is done I will be really happy that they craps out of the lounge.

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