Saturday, December 29, 2007

What next

So today I weighed myself to find that I am back to the biggest I have ever been 89.4 kilos. What next for me, I refuse to hit the 90 kilo mark so best start moving my butt is what. I actually went to the shop and found some things that fit me, well or as well as they can. I'm not saying I have brought a whole heap of new stuff but a new pair of jeans, t-shirt and 3/4 workout pants is all.

I had a trim of the hair as I was beating myself up for the way I was looking and that is one thing that I can actually fix, why continue to beat myself up for it? So I now have a fringe again so its not falling into my eyes anymore.

I have brought a heap of chicken, started marinading it, not a great deal, just a small amount. I love having Nando's salad with chicken tenderloins, love the marinade on the chicken and thought why pay $10 for a salad bowl when I can make it myself? Now if only I can get away with still putting butter on my veg and I'll be happy.

I have grabbed out my 'Walk Away The Pounds' DVDs and even brought a new one off eBay 'You Can Do Yoga', so with all of my exercise DVDs surely there is something I can do even if not using my upper body.

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Kek said...

Good for you, Sue - some clothes that fit comfortably and a haircut should boost your mood a little.

I emailed you some exercise ideas!