Monday, December 17, 2007


I know I've said it before but this time, I know is no different, but I'm sitting here feeling very uncomfortable, having thoughts of gastric bypass, knowing that its not the right way but maybe the right way for now. I know, I know slap me now.

I know also that I said I would walk to and from the train station but today I actually got a chance to drive my own car to the station. Its novel really, I haven't driven my car since starting this new job back in September as Dazza's been driving it to work instead to save on fuel (he has a V8 ute). So back to my point, no walking today. I will have to do some walking today after work, I do have to find a bank in the city today to do a deposit so that's a little bit, I know I'm dreaming to think that its anything that could help. Might go down to the local gym today after work and sign up for a 10 class pass.

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