Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Christmas over

So that marked the 1st Christmas at our house. Phew, thank goodness that's over.

I must admit it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. He ended up with 4 extra people, my 2 nephews and their girlfriends. My sister who I don't talk to much (Christmas's only) decided as it wasn't at mum's that she wouldn't come, no biggie for me, but on the last minute my niece who was always coming called prepared custard, too runny for her liking. Mum always makes 5 trifles for the family so she was to see if her brothers could come. As I told her and her brothers, there was never to be anything other than change of venue, there was no invitations sent, it is how it always is except at my house instead. I have now made sure that the boys understand that they are always welcome even if their parents decide not to come. Mum felt better also about Christmas, normally she is working in the kitchen all day, actually for about 2 days, this time all she did was cook the pork and bring me some gravy boats. Oh and she did cook her own custard as she doesn't like 'store brought' ready relaxed enough to make them and also Pavlova. So much food left over, the dogs will eat for days on this stuff.

My dad didn't end up coming as he had a fight with one of my nephews before coming so decided to stay home. I had a few words with him and told him what I thought but he is an adult and can decide what he wants to do, I wasn't going to beg.

Its funny Kerryn posted that they brought 'baby' a guitar, we also brought 2 guitars for the nieces, we then got back one of our electrics and amp from that house. Our count Kerryn is about 10 electric, 3 acoustic and 3 amps. That makes for a noisy house hold when Dazza's friends come over.

After having Christmas here, I have a growing shopping list for the house for next year.
  • New Kitchen - 90cm oven (gas or fan forced electric) & dishwasher
  • Close in out door area - change sliding door into bistro folding doors
  • New dining setting
  • More outdoor settings
  • Christmas dinner settings
  • Gravy boats!
I'm sure I will be able to add to the list shortly.


Now over to the 'healthy eating plan' - I think I will place a new ticker for the 6 weeks to the wedding as well as one for a 12 week plan. Still don't know about actually entering any contests but I guess it doesn't cost anything. They have just started Weight Watchers at Work but as I have just moved to our new building (along with 4 other teams) they haven't added our site to the other 3 that are doing the plan. Although I'm not that upset about that as I really don't like Weight Watches, I end up changing more than 1 dinner in the seven day plan anyways.
So I think back to basics, chicken and veg for dinner, sometimes marinated sometimes not. Sweet potato instead of standard white potato's, snacks throughout the day, cottage cheese, tomato, BREAKFAST & EXERCISE. As I'm still on the return to work plan and only doing 5 hours a day I only get a 10 minute break time in the 5 hours so that can be a bit of a challenge in it's self but where there is a will there is a way. I think from the $50 bucks from MIL I will buy my 10 class pass for the local gym. Here goes.......................

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